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Maintenance Plan

As a member of LIDP Dental Maintenance Plan you are entitled to:
  • in each year two examinations including oral cancer screening
  • any x-rays required as part of the examination or ongoing care process
  • two hygiene appointments per year for: scale and polish, periodontal advice and the use of preventative techniques to reduce decay and gum disease
  • assessment of emergency and dental pain with any temporary treatment required, carried out at the practice during normal surgery hours
  • all treatment planning for your future dental needs
  • production of study models when required
Your dentist can also advise on a program of preventative care which will help maintain and improve your oral health. This may involve advice on diet and cleaning techniques which are important in achieving the aims of preventative dentistry.


Joining LIDP could not be easier. After your initial examination your dentist will advise you of your monthly or annual payment. The contract with your dentist will then entitle you to the maintenance dental care, as well as the important benefits of preventative care.


In addition to regular routine care, IndepenDent Care Plans U.K. Ltd. provides you with dental accident and emergency insurance cover. This policy covers emergency treatment by any dentist worldwide. It also ensures that if an accident results in damage to your teeth then the costs of reparative treatment will be covered (within the limits of the policy). A small premium is collected annually to provide this essential benefit.